Window Pressures

Duration: 14 minutes

I performed stripping down to my underwear and bore the weight of a plexiglass window, then I interacted with audiences through the glass. Using what resembled a transaction window, I explored the power binary implicated at either end of the window.


Taking Off from Lockhart Road

Duration: 5 minutes
Safety blanket, 5 85"x85" laser prints

The photograph installation is a photograph that I took in 2014, during the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong, right before I was chased by riot police with machine guns. Wrapped in emergency blanket, I ran into walls, and eventually went beyond designated boundaries for the work.

The Common Objects

Participation/ Works on Paper

The artist book resembles a craft book that instructs readers to cut out and make household objects. Images contain embedded sensitive information about censorship, and spaces to fill in other information that readers wish to hide and disseminate.

Participants are presented with handwritten instruction manuals of the book, which they have the choice to erase after reading, or reconstruct with tools provided. The gesture of erasure echoes self censorship under the regime of state censorship.


Rape Scene

Duration: 35 minutes
Rope, Iphone 7, women's panties, boxer, fakeblood, archival pigmented prints


Reflection/ Absorption/ Radiation

Safety blanket, mirror

This performance incorporates materials that reflects, absorbs and radiates. Multiple conduits of reflection create mirror images of the performer and passersby, subjects and objects of looking, and reality and its symbolic representation in art.



Duration: 5 minutes
Wood, lead paint, baseball pitching machine, door handle, lightbulb, light strips, pigmented inkjet print

Using discarded and obsolete construction materials, I reconstructed sculptures in a new space where I used my body to replicate their forms till I reached the point of exhaustion. The structures evoke a material and cultural history of the site.