Metamorphosis Stage 1/-0: Transgressions

Duration: 17 minutes
LED head light, International Plastic Co. performance roll, air plus pack, camping backpack
Videographer: Crystal Wong
Editing: Nicki Wong

Metamorphosis Stage 1/-0: Transgressions is a solo movement-based work that sets in an allegorical framework. The presentation probes questions of the normativity of body and objecthood through transgressive movements.

The extended history of Chinese language lives in my tongue, my vocal cord, my body. The intonations in Cantonese, the strokes in Traditional Chinese contract and expand when I am pulling out phrases nested in the flesh, even for now when I am writing this.

My tongue has been stiff and flexible. The slightest difference in sonic tones triggers the learning engine to mimic the sound; through forceful repetition, I learn to speak.

The conflict in language learning becomes tension under my fingertips; to adapt, I have to empty the pre-existence and pursue the blurry transgression, the raw form of an immature or ancient body. In this development of metamorphosis, the clumsy limbs become coordinated, but soon, the bare surround becomes stuffy again, when one is questioning the idea of the normativity of objects and construction of identity by language.

The melee of these interconnected mechanisms is manifested through a set of gestural and prop studies in the performance.