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Nicki Wong

Nicki Wong (b. 1996, Hong Kong) is a performance artist based in New York City. Wong’s movement-based and improvisational works examine the play of language and its meaning and the construction of power dynamics between people and objects. These embodied gestures probe the networks between human subjects and the materiality of objects. Wong has presented works at Knockdown Center, Queens, NY (2019) and LIC Arts Open: Local Project Art Space, Queens, NY (2018). Wong graduated cum laude in BFA in Studio Arts at Hunter College.

Upcoming Performance/ Show

2019 Haegue Yang: Handles, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY


2019 Catalina Ouyang: fish mystery in the shift horizon, Rubber Factory, New York, NY

2019 Sunday Service: ray ferreira Presents..., Knockdown Center, Queens, NY


2019 Eat Bloody Pussy: a community garden, Essex Flowers, New York, NY

2019 BFA Thesis Exhibition: The End, Bertha and Karl Leubsdorf Gallery, New York, NY

2018 LIC Arts Open: To Belong Again, Local Project Art Space, Long Island City, NY


2019 BFA in Studio Arts, Minor in Media Studies, Hunter College, New York, NY

Work Experience

2018 Teaching Assistant, Beginning Sculpture and Advanced Sculpture, Hunter College, New York, NY

Email: nickiwhc@gmail.com